Recently, I shared with you a Prosperity Affirmation Prayer highlighting the importance of positive affirmations and their influence on your Mindset to bring about your desired reality. 

Equally as important, if not more, is Visualization as a powerful force in bringing your dreams into reality.  It plays to the right side of your brain, connecting it with your left side of actions you need to take.

When you use Visualization to tap into the power of your brain, it will begin to function as if your Desired Goals are already achieved.

Your brain will work untiringly to achieve the visual images/pictures and positive statements you give your subconscious mind, when you support them with consistent, unflagging heightened good “feelings”. 

And when those pictures and statements are the affirmation of your goals, you are more likely to achieve them!

I’m sure you’ve heard heaps about the power of Vision Boards, Vision Journals, and the like….

I have both a Vision Board and a Thanks/Gratitude/Appreciation Board side by side in my Home Office.

Once my goals, dreams and wishes are on my Vision Board then I know the Universe will help make them true for me.

I have all of the achievements, things, and people I’m thankful for on my companion Thanks Board.

I try to focus on both Boards everyday.  It is very satisfying to move something from my Vision Board to my Thanks Board – that is a very enjoyable, celebratory moment I love to “feel” and experience each time!

I also use this fabulous Vision Board tool on my computer.  It’s by the Mind Movie people.

And, they’ve made it super simple for you to make a customized Mind Movie for ANYTHING… 

…You want to attract into your life…money, health, weight loss, love…ANYTHING!

Matter of fact, they’ll even show you an incredible Bonus they’ve added to make your Mind Movie even MORE powerful!

You can see exactly how it works here

So be sure you watch all of the video (it will start to play automatically once it loads).

Wishing You Much Success and Many Blessings!

Kathy   😉

P.S.  Do yourself a big favor, and give Visualization a try.  Or if you’ve tried Visualization before, give it a fresh try with Mind Movies.  You deserve it and owe it to yourself to give it a go and see the difference it makes for you in your life –  right here 

Kathy Baker
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